What are the differences and min/max values of overall vibration displayed for the 805/805FC ?


The overall vibration measured by the Fluke 805 and 805FC can be displayed in various "Amplitude Units".
All values are calculated based 
on max acceleration measurable by the 805@ lowest frequency { i.e. 0.01 to 50g @ 10Hz}.


Acceleration, or how fast movement is changing, is displayed in g or m/sec2
The measurement range is from 0.01 g to 50 g

Velocity, or the calculated speed of the vibration, is displayed in in/sec or mm/sec
The measurement range is from 1.56mm/Sec (0.06 in/sec) to 7791mm/Sec (307 in/sec).

Displacement, or how much movement a vibration induces, is displayed in mils or mm

How you setup your Fluke 805 or 805FC is dependent on the application your are using it on.