Can I set date and time of a recording and how do I do this ?


Although the 700G has memory to use for recordings and you can set several parameters prior to start a recording by the 700G/Track software, there is no possibility to set time/date prior to a recording.
Important is to remember the time/date when you have started the recording!

The only way to give a recording ( also called RUN in 700G/Track) a date/time index is after the recording has been uploaded to the PC. 

First setup connection to 700G/track software : 


Select the correct COM-port and press connect-button. 

The upper part of the 700G/Track software will show model, serial-no, firmware version and used and available memory.
Transferring data to PC happens by pressing Upload.

The upload bar will indicate transfer of data :

Uploaded Log data field is shown. Here press Set Date/Label.


Enter in the blank field the date and time of the start of the logging.
And press ok. 
The software will now calculate the time/date index based on the given input and populates the list automatically.

Press Save Run or Save All to save the data.