The MET/SUPPORT Gold Procedure Library is now located on Cubyt!



The existing procedure library on the Fluke Calibration website will continue to be available with the existing procedures through the end of 2021. Starting June 1st, 2021, all new procedures will be added to the library in Cubyt.

Enabling Access to the Library in Cubyt

  1. Register an account on the Fluke Calibration Website
  2. Activate your account with your MET/SUPPORT Gold Subscription (according to the steps in this other article)
  3. Register an account on Cubyt (you must use the same email address for both accounts)
  4. Wait for your subscription to synchronize (this can take a couple of days, but we are working on improvements to the process)

Note: If you experience issues attempting to download procedures after following the above instructions, log out of Cubyt, clear your browser cache, close your browser, then re-login to Cubyt. This often resolves any lingering permissions issues.

Why Move the Library?

As the broader Fluke Software team continues to develop Cubyt as the largest repository of technical data for measurement devices in the world, it provides an opportunity for new features to be added to the way you experience your MET/SUPPORT Gold benefits. This is the first of many steps to creating a more modern software portfolio.

Features of the Library in Cubyt

This article will continue to be updated to reflect the latest aspects of the library in Cubyt. Some key features today are:


  1. Greatly improved search and filter capabilities
  2. Improved single-page view with all available procedure metadata
  3. One-click download option
  4. Download queue to download multiple procedures at once (option to add to queue in triple dot menu for each procedure)