How can I see in the Fluke-154 if a certain transmitter model is supported on Hart-communication?
Is there a library I can review?  


The 154's has indeed a library file and this file contains hundreds of devices to allow full Hart-communication. 
It is possible to view all the models that are available in the current active installed library file. 
The see if a model is supported you need to have the tablet of the 154 and the FlukeHart app installed on the tablet.
Active communication to the modem is not required. This searchable data is on the tablet itself. 

With the FlukeHart app installed on the tablet, start the app and wait until the app is started and finished with looking for the 154 modem. 

Then tap on the menu icon : 

Select in the menu DD Libary : 

Then a screen with library version and location is shown, in the bottom part of the screen choose Library contents : 

A list of supported devices is shown , sorted alphabetically on manufacturers name: 

You can scroll down the list until you have found the manufacturer, tap it and sub-folder with the manufacturer-specific models is opened.
Here you can see which specific models on type and firmware number is supported.