This article is about: 

Problems with starting the Fluke 810  PC Viewer software.


  • Slow loading times
  • After a while very shortly an error message comes up and viewer shuts down
  • Not responding after it has started up

Solution to fix the issues you might have above

The 810 viewer software uses 3rd party software in order to connect and synchronize data between the PC and the Vibration tester. 
These 3rd party software tools are SQL server 2014, SQL server Compact 3.5 SP1 and windows mobile device center.
The problems described above often come up after windows updates have been applied.  

When the software is starting abnormally there can be a problem with the installation or configuration of the SQL server 2014 installation and a manual re-installation of the SQL server 2014 software is required.  
It is very important to make the minor modifications that are listed below!


  • Then walk through the install, accepting the defaults. 
    But when you get to this screen in the install, change the default instance name from ‘SQLExpress’ to ‘SQLEXPRESS2014’:


  • And when you get to this screen, choose Mixed Mode, and specify the password ‘Newuser@123’:


  • The installation of SQL server 2014 will start after this and can take a while.  It can appear the installation is frozen at some point, but leave it running. 
    Do not press any button to stop/cancel the installation. 
  • After the SQL server 2014 has been installed, if needed download the Viewer software.
    Download from here : 
  • When the viewer software is downloaded it can be installed normally. 
    After installation of the viewer software has been completed it should start up without problems.